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Morning Sundogs - Chippewa County - Michigan

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Mikel B. Classen. 
Sault Ste. Marie

        It has been a rough winter this year weather wise, but not so much from a personal perspective. With the re-release of Lake Superior Tales and my newest endeavor, Points North will soon to be published. Expect it in the next couple of months. Points North will consist of 40 different places to go that aren't on the usual radar. The book will be full of awesome U.P. photography and give insights into parks, campgrounds, museums, wilderness areas, and a couple of ghost towns for good measure. This is a book that I've worked on for many years and I'm hoping everyone out there will like it. Points North will be able to be used to take a trip through the vast expanse of the Upper Peninsula or as a guidebook to exploring the places not usually experienced by the average traveller. More to come as it becomes available.

We have produced a third issue of the U.P. Reader and it will soon be on sale.  Check it out at upreader.org.

To contact me, email: mikel_classen@yahoo.com

 Snowy Owl - Mackinac County - Michigan

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From My
Historic Pictures Collection

Homesteading U.P. - Marquette County - Michigan

Homesteading U.P. ca. 1870. I just received in the mail an old U.P. stereoview picture. I just lifted the image from it and thought I'd give everyone a glimpse into the reality of pioneer homesteading. No romantic images here. I can't imagine how much that roof must have leaked and the bugs had to have been thick. The washtub laundry on the line really sets it off. This was somewhere around the Marquette area.

If you would like to see more pictures from my historical photograph collection, including past pics from here, go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikel_classen/sets/72157630887269582/


On The Road

Mackinac Grille - St. Ignace - Michigan


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I'm standing next to the plaque that dedicates the Marquette County Courthouse as a historic site. This is where Theodore Roosevelt came to clear his name in 1913 of a libelous statement made by the editor of the Ishpeming Iron Ore newspaper who had called Roosevelt a drunk in an editorial, a perception that had been following Roosevelt with rumors and gossip of his disorderly and intoxicated behavior. My new book, Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquette Libel Trial, published by the History Press, tells the story of this fascinating trial which would forever change the world-wide perception of an American President.


Lake Superior Tales
Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquette Libel Trial
Au Sable Point Lighthouse

April 27 - Sault Ste. Marie - Island Books and Crafts - 11 - 4

April 28 - Traverse City - Bookbrokers and Kramers Cafe - Grand Traverse Mall - 12-6

June 1 - Marquette - UPPAA Spring Writer's Conference - Peter White Library - 9-5

June 28 - Sault Ste. Marie - Engineer's Day Bookfest - Island Books & Crafts - 10 - 4

Dan McDougall and I at an author signing at Bookbrokers & Kramer's Cafe in the Grand Traverse Mall, Traverse City. You can find all of my books here.


Now Available From the History Press
Teddy Roosevelt and the Marquette Libel Trial

On the same day Theodore Roosevelt narrowly survived an assassination attempt, his press secretary handed him a newspaper editorial from the Iron Ore, a small town daily located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Its publisher, George Newett, had printed "...Roosevelt lies and curses in a most disgusting way; he gets drunk, too, and that not infrequently, and all his intimates know about it." Tired of having his boisterous personality equated with intoxication, Roosevelt angrily shouted, “Let’s go at him!” and the paper was formally charged with a suit of libel. As the case convened, a cadre of admirals, statesmen and fellow explorers descended on Marquette to testify to T.R.’s unimpeachable personal character in the biggest libel trial of the early Twentieth Century.

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Skeleton ship frames surround Au Sable Point, marking a mile-long sandstone reef that reached out into Lake Superior waiting to grab any and all ships that passed by. In an effort to end this tragic loss of lives, the Au Sable Point Lighthouse was constructed to warn mariners of its hidden reef. At the heart of the famed “Shipwreck Coast,” Au Sable Point was a beacon of hope and safety. Mikel B. Classen charts the history of the lighthouse and the dangerous reef that waits six feet under the lake’s surface and serves as the final resting place for so many sailors.

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History Press

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Stories of humor and adventure on the Lake Superior frontier.

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Pirates, thieves, shipwrecks, sexy women, lost gold, and adventures on the Lake Superior frontier await you! In this book, you’ll sail on a ship full of gold, outwit deadly shapeshifters, battle frontier outlaws and even meet the mysterious agent that Andrew Jackson called “the meanest man” he ever knew. Packed with action, adventure, humor, and suspense, this book has something for every reader. Journey to the wilds of the Lake Superior shoreline through ten stories that span the 19th century through present day including “The Wreck of the Marie Jenny,” “The Bigg Man,” “Wolf Killer,” and “Bullets Shine Silver in the Moonlight.”

“It’s clear that Mikel B. Classen knows and loves the Lake Superior area of Michigan and brings it to life in a delightful way. If you want frequent laughs, unusual characters who jump off the page, and the fruit of a highly creative mind, you’ve got to read this little book.”
— Bob Rich, author, Looking Through Water

  My Collection Of Short Horror Stories, 


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E-versions too.

Ever wonder what happens when a vampire is turned into a Zombie? Ever attend a seance that went horribly wrong? Ever think of what it would be like to fall in love with a woman that has been dead for 150 years? These are just a few of the experiences you will have on your Journeys Into The Macabre.

   NetBound Publishing and author Mikel B. Classen have put together a collection of masterfully crafted horror stories that bring back the richness and feel of traditional gothic horror while adding the sharp textures of contemporary writing that creates a witch's brew of tales unlike anything published before. This is a must for any lover of dark fiction.

Deliver Me From Evil
M'Ganga's Curse
House of Seances
The Gray Tower
The Sorceress
The Donner Trailer
Senn's Vampire
The Dive
The Late Hero
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